venerdì 29 luglio 2011

The revolution begins: my new look, step one

As I told you a few posts ago I was sick and tired of my sweet-good-normal girl looking so I decided to bring in some changes. The first step to my more hardcore new look has been this:Yep, pointed bang. I like it a lot. Maybe it's a bit too short but I cut it on my own and I think I've been blessed since I didn't mess anything. Furthermore, if I make a part on a side I can cover it with a side bang and still look "normal" so, just in case you are wondering, I still have chances to find a job. :) I'll wait a couple of weeks more before dying my hair again because it's really damaged and I want it to recover. I'll have to do a repigmentation too, because I bleached and dyed it too many times and now the dye doesn't anchor to the hair anymore. So my beautiful and beloved cherry red slipped away and turned in this low-spirited orange. I just have one doubt: if you noticed the lower part of my hair is black and so was a little part of my previous bang. Now I'm wondering if I should dye my bang all black or leave it mixed red and black like it looks in this picture. Any suggestions?

giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Lachaise news and my adventure toward the recording studio

Home, sweet home. I finally reached it a few hours ago. I'm so exhausted from all this uncomfortable travelling. These have been five intense days. On sunday morning a huge fire developed in one of the train stations in Rome just a few hours before my departure to get there. So I arrived in Rome at almost 10pm and it was too late to take the train and bus to get to the town where the hotel and the studio were. I had no idea of where to spend the night and I was a bit frightened by the people in the streets around the station (mainly drunk men annoying every woman passing their by). Thank Goth a very nice korean girl I met on the train brought me to a hostel but there was no vacancy and so it was for all the hotels that were affordable to me in that area. At least I was in a safe place in the hostel reception so I stayed there and after two hours and many phone calls (praying the battery not to run out) I succeeded in finding a cousin of mine I haven't seen for some years and who lives there. So she rescued me and that night I slept at her place. The day after I reached the train station again and producer Rob Cufaro took me to the recording studio. It was the first time I met him in person so I was a little afraid to be awed by him (he was the guitarist/producer from a band I like a lot: Theatres des Vampires) but fortunately he's a very kind person and I felt at my ease from the first moment. So the recording has been pleasant and much quicker than what we expected: in just three days we recorded all the songs for the album and he told me about another project I'd be glad to join but it's too early to talk about it. :)

The studio was beautiful but on the last day we had a moment of anxiety because we started hearing strong vibrations inside the studio that is carved inside a hill, under a deconsecrated church and next to a catacomb. They probably were just doing some structural works drilling the rock around the studio but I nearly shat bricks because Rob told me about some creepy events that happened right there in the past like the sound of steps while nobody was walking and closed windows opening all at the same time in a rumble .
The hotel I slept in for three nights was very old, creepy and in the middle of nowhere (so during the nights I had to stay in my room bored and lonely). At least the view was breathtaking and I took a lot of pictures (which I think look better if enlarged):

So this morning I was looking forward to leaving and coming home but I had to wake up early and take, in order: one bus, one local train, another bus, another local train, the underground and then the high speed train that finally took me home. My bandmates and I have to get to the studio again in september to listen to the final result but I hope we'll go by car that time because I already gave my proof of bravery being a girl travelling all alone in such uncomfortable conditions to such a remote place.

sabato 23 luglio 2011

It's gonna end like a horror movie

In 5 hours I'll be sitting on the train that will bring me to Rome and everything is just a mistery to me: I absolutely don't know how I will reach my hotel from the station and how I will reach the recording studio from the hotel. I don't know how this hotel looks and actually I don't know if it even exists, when I called for booking everyting sounded so disorganized. Pray for me.

A matter of nails

This morning I finally found a little time to do some experiments with my nails. I took inspiration from the tutorial you can find here and this is the result:I used a lighter green and a thicker lace trim so the result is far from perfect but it looks pretty anyway to me. Next time I'm gonna do better. :)

venerdì 22 luglio 2011

I'm a busy woman

The last three days have been very busy for me: on wednesday I went to see HP at the cinema and for several reasons it took me all the day.

Yesterday I travelled with a friend I haven't seen in the last three years to the Mart museum (in a beautiful place among mountains and forests) were are currently exposed many impressionist and postimpressionist paintings from the D'Orsay Museum in Paris. I was really satisfied even if I hoped there would have been more paintings: when I visited the Uffizi gallery in Florence some years ago I was looking forward to seeing Botticelli's paintings and in the end I was really disappointed because the colours were so dark and turned off and the glass in front of the canvas didn't allow to see well the whole painting because of the reflexions (they were very large). This time there were no glass and you could see every single brushstroke. I stood in front of some of the works for a long time enchanted by their magic and the brightness of their colours. I was so excited to see the paitings from Monet and Gauguin that I analized during my final exam a few weeks ago and all the paintings from the other artists I studied, like Caillebotte, Manet, Seurat, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Renoir and many more. But there was a lot of works that were totally new to me aswell: me and my friend totally fell in love with this beautiful painting by Bèraud:
It was totally amazing: you could feel the perspective depth of the room thanks to the lights, the floor, the reflections in the mirrors and even the frame. Seeing a painting for real is totally different than seeing a picture on a screen or a book page. We also visited a futuristic exposition in the same museum but we were a bit sceptical in front of some of the works like a cement cube with a nose attached to one side. It's been a tiring but fulfilled day.

This morning I had to do the bodypainting experiment I talked about a few posts ago. I'm quite satisfied of the work I made even if I'm still too slow and the white kryolan acquacolor didn't cooperate. :/ The photographer had a very good idea for the pictures. I'll show you as soon as they are ready.

Basically I'm keeping myself busy because everytime I'm alone and thoughts start running I feel bad and often cry. Stupid human feelings.
Now it's better to me to go for practising: this sunday I'm going to travel to the recording studio in Rome to record the vocals for our album.

martedì 19 luglio 2011

Today's outfit

I don't know why people should be interested in knowing how a fatty dresses up (unless there's any fatty who wants advices to look good from someone who attended a fashion school) but I felt like doing this anyway. *Sigh* I dont' want to look that romantic anymore. I need to look more aggressive. That's why I decided to shave my eyebrows asap and draw them to have a more evilish look, and I'm not gonna wear cute skirts with satin ribbons anymore. It's time to encrease the amount of leather and studs in my wardrobe! I'm having two piercings done in a couple of months I hope. I need to get used to wear high heels everyday aswell. They hurt like hell. ç_ç
Whatever... Today I wore a silver brocade corset with a faux leather belt on the waist, a very heavy round skirt and lace ballerina pumps all matched with some studded leather bracelets, a metal chain necklace plus a Jack Skeletron necklace I made by myself with fusion beads (once I used to have a shop where I sold that stuff).

domenica 17 luglio 2011

Redentore Festival 2011

When I said I would have gone out yesterday night I meant that I would have chosen a really great occasion to have fun: a dear friend of mine has a little appartment in Venice (in Italy, the one with gondolas, channels, pigeons and more tourists then actually-venetian people), she often invites people there (we live in Padua that is more or less 40 km far from there) so a few days ago she called to invite some friends for the Redentore festival (all I know about it is thousands of drunk people everywhere and fireworks!). I initially said no because I was depressed, but in yesterday morning I called back and told her I would have been there. So I take the train alone at 5pm and got walking to her house one hour later. Then we met the other friends in a bar: we first drank spritz (extremely pupular happy hour cocktail of this area) then we had pizza for dinner in her place and we went on drinking Bellini, wine and beer for ther rest of the night (unfortunately I couldn't drink too much because it was very hot and I hate to sweat when it's not time to do it, especially when I wear corset and amazing make up. Plus next week I'll start recording for the album).

After dinner we walked to the Giudecca, wich is the little isle in front of the main one and it's still Venice, even if it's not usually linked with any bridge to the big one. I said usually because for this one day festival a large and obviously very long floating bridge is built to link the two isles. It took a lot of time to walk through it and then find a place to sit. The sea was full of boats and yachts of every size with people dancing and partying on them. We brought newspapers to sit on the ground as everyone, plus two little stools I brough by train from home. A lady saw one of them was empty and sat on it without asking anyone of us.

When the firework show started we realized we choose the wrong place because there was a waterbus floating stop right in front of us, so we couldn't see the fires on the water and a few after the beginning a couple walked in front of me and sat on the ground... He sat on one of my bags! (At least it was empty.) It seemed to be the "Sit-on-a-stranger's-things-without-asking" Festival!!! It was amazing anyway and it last for about 40 minutes. I filmed everything but of course nobody would see the whole video, I selected the last 2 minutes. Of course the video cannot show you how magificent the thing was.

It took centuries to come back to my friend's home and then to the station. Me and others actually wanted to go to the seaside and party till the morning but we would have had to walk and sail for hours because of the crowd and of course the waterbusses were full, we would have probably arrived at the beach when the sun was already up. The train trip was quite terrible, with drunk people at every station hitting the windows from outside to wake up sleeping people on the seats. :/ At least I was with other two girls and a boy they met there. Well I guess even this made the night amazing... Except for the ugly dance music...

venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Lachaise news and other random updates

Lachaise news
Unfortunately we had a bunch of organization problems during the past days and as the time is running fast we sadly had to cancel the photoset for the album cover. Don't worry. We still have loads of other ideas and it's going to be absolutely gorgeous.

Other random updates
Anyway the photographer was quite eager about the idea we had for that picture so he asked me to carry on the project when we will have more time to spend on it. I really hope he will keep his word because it's a really great project even if it's hard and it will take a lot of time. Furthermore I had a nice idea for a bodypaint and next week he's gonna take some pictures of it. A dear friend of mine is gonna be the mannequin.

Tonight I'm gonna go out. I decided. I've past the last 10 days sleeping during the day and crying for him (not the photographer of course! Neither my dear mannequin friend. O.o I meant the man I dated for a while) during the night. I just can't go on this way or I'm gonna go insane. Even my parents noticed I was not ok. And they never notice anything.
I have nothing to blame on myself: we both know I made no mistakes, and I tried hard to solve the situation 'cause I really cared. This is still going to hurt for a long time but I don't get why he should go to funfairs while at the same moment I'm in my room crying in the dark. As soon as a decent time to phone people in a saturday July morning will come (it's 6 am here) I'll call my friends.

martedì 12 luglio 2011

Lachaise news

We just met the photographer who will work for the cover of our album "In a state of Oblivion" (out on the 12th of October, 2011). Actually we already posed for the cover with another photographer two weeks ago; unfortunately the result was too far from what we expected, so we have to restart from the beginning, but with a new and even better idea. Tomorrow morning I'll met the photographer and we'll start collecting all the material we need to build the set. I hope everything is going to be ok!

Here are some links where you can find more informations about us:

lunedì 11 luglio 2011

Buy clothes to forget troubles

Oh my! Browsing through my friends profile on facebook I found myself on this wonderful site called the Imaginarium Apparel. I fell in love with these arm pieces. I definetly have to try to make something similar ( I haven't attended a fashion school for nothing!) but it seems too hard for my sewing skills... Oh well I'll just keep on drooling until I can afford them.

The cute happy things I draw on my arm

Here are two little bodypaints I made the last two nights. Yes: I cannot sleep in the night. At least since a week ago. I do need to find a way to make the blood look more shiny and "fresh". Till then this is the best I can do with Kryolan red aquacolor. Im not very proud of the first one (there's not enough blood and purple turns off red) but the second one is pretty good imho. Enjoy.

First things first

I don't even know why I'm here. I guess I was just looking for a way not to go nuts. Because I don't feel like talking with any physical person now. So I write to make the load lighter on my shoulders and I hope someone will read it and take it away. I'm not a happy person atm. And I actually have reasons to be happy: I just had my diploma with the highest vote and I'm recording an awesome album with my band. But you know what? If you are not sure you are strong enough to bear the sensation of being abandoned ad forgotten, never ever put all the trust you have saved during the years in someone just because this one succeeded in climbing the walls you built around you.

The positive thing in negative things is that they make me write better lyrics.