domenica 20 novembre 2011

Cuteness, calm my nerves!

I'm raving furious!

Ok, until now I haven't said anything bad about Lachaise but now my patience is really over. Since I've been kicked out from the band there have been a lot of problems. Is it enough for you to know that when I went to the studio to pick up my instrumentation they made me find it already packed and now that I'm starting using it again with my new band a new trouble always crop up? So far I have two wires missing (they are just wires, nothing expensive, but why the hell should I buy new ones if I already own them and they work?) and my microphone doesn't work at all since then (it was almost brand new, I've had it about 6 months ago). Plus, they owe me a lot of money. At first they pretended to be sorry and they told me they would have given everything back, but when I discovered the truth (they already agreed with the previous singer for her to come back) I got very angry and in order to defend myself I unintentionally gave them some big troubles. But now, now that the guys from the support service told me that my microphone looks intentionally damaged (of course Lachaise denied but I've seen many times those idiots breaking someone else's instruments when they were mad at him, that's why I'm sure they did something to my mic and they hid those wires) I'm really angry; if they don't want to give me what I'm entitled to, I'm gonna give them way bigger troubles, intentionally.

venerdì 18 novembre 2011

Oh well maybe it's time to update the image of me stranger readers have from this blog. Last time I posted a picture of me my hair was flashing and the time before they were a total mess thanks to the hairdresser. Non my hair is back to the red I intended to have and looks a lot better, doesn't it?

Ps: I dyed the growth a few days after this picture was taken. Here I was at a goth club with a couple of friends on last saturday night. I also bought some purple dye to add on some wisps but I was too tired after a day at work. But I'm definitely gonna do that asap because that night in the club there was a girl with half red half black hair and a V fringe!!! It was SO BOTHERING! It's so hard to be original. (I know red is not such an original colour but as my name is Rubina I can't help it, I'm forced!)

Just fallen in love!

On last sunday I went to Ikea with my cousins (they came from their town - where I was born - to visit my family and I haven't seen them for more than one year!) my brother and a friend of him. We barely stood the crowd and stayed there less than one hour. It wasn't enough to buy all the things I needed for the bar I work in now, but I picked up this little cheap thingy for about 2€. I didn't have time to try it until tonight and...

...I found out it's absolutely fantastic. The foam I obtained with it was much better than the one I make with the fucking professional hi-tech brand new coffee machine at the bar. *-*

As the foam is very thick, soft, delicious and long lasting, I'm gonna buy caramel and chocolate toppings, stock up on this item (it does't look very stout and of course I'm sooo unlucky that Ikea would for sure run out of it or stop selling it if I break mine and need a new one), and start practicing to make simple but beautiful decorations on cappuccinos like this!

I think the lady who comes and drinks a cappuccino every afternoon will absolutely love it!

lunedì 14 novembre 2011

My wardrobe/beautycase/jewelbox last achievements

Hello! As promised, here is my daily post. And it's on the last achievements of my wardrobe (and beauty case and jewel case...)
I bought some lovely things in the last weeks!

This pair of eyelashes was given to me for free some weeks ago from the shopkeeper of the place where I ordered colours for my airbrush. She was so interested in my bodypainting activity that she wanted me to try the products of this make up brand (Eulenspiegel). So she told me to choose among all the exposed pairs of lashes. I went for these ones: it can't be seen in the picture, but they have some tiny green and blue wisps among the black ones, plus the rhinestones rows.

I bought these earrings when I went looking for a present for my mum's birthday about one month ago. I can't help buying something for myself when I look for a present, I can't help it at all! But come on, they are so lovely!

I recently found out that I like spiders very much. And, no, I don't mean halloweenish patterns on clothes, I mean REAL spiders. I've always been fascinated by them but not so long ago I discovered they kill the bugs I'm most scared by. Bedbugs. God I hate them! And the place I work in is FULL of them. Ewww. They are disgusting. But back to my jewel case, I bought this ring in the same shop where the earrings are from. I wanted it for Halloween but I'm definitely gonna use it often.

This is a very recent piece. I bought it on last friday. I've been looking for a cammeo necklace for a while but they were all too expensive or too big and sparkling. This is a small, cheap and not very accurate piece of plastic but it looks surprisingly nice over my décolleté.

And here are my last purchases. On last saturday, when I came back from my trip to Milan for an audition, I jumped in my car and tried to reach a goth clothing shop not far from my city. But in the end I got lost and arrived there 20 minutes before the shop should have been closed. The shopkeeper was so kind that he closed it a bit later so that I could decide what to buy. I've been very unlucky: they ran out of my size of almost all the corsets and dresses I liked. But in the end I bought:

a beautiful black hoody by Hellbunny with corset lacings on the back and sides.
(The green one is by Esprit and I bought it a few weeks ago... I feel like Poison Ivy every time I wear something green with my flashing red hair. - Yes it's green even if looks blue in the picture...)

A cute pair of gloves (what else could the picture on the packaging of a pair of gloves be if not a naked girl? o.O)

And this beautiful waistcincher. Since the shopkeeper made me a very big allowance, and it's like I've been given it for free, I took this one even if it was too large for me and it has a little damage I repaired as soon as I came back home. I'll wait befor tighten it. Isn't it gorgeous? I fell in love with it at first sight. *ç*

That's all for tonight, lovies. I hope you enjoyed this post! I need to go to sleep now. =_= I hope to find some comments when I come back. *w*
Byes for now! xxx

domenica 13 novembre 2011

How to celebrate a graduate in Italy

Woah... Is it really been 11 fucking days since the last time I wrote something here? No wonder a lot of people stopped following me... That's why I decided I want to write something everyday, or at least every 2 days, I'll find something interesting to say and the strenght to do that even if I work all day long and when I'm back home I'm tired as hell!

2 days after the last time I posted, I celebrated my friend Viola's degree (in Italy it's called "short" degree and it's similar to bachelor's degree, I have no idea of what that means but the dictionary said so, anyway she's still studying for the master's) in modern languages. Me and other friends secretly organized everything and worked on a big poster for her. I don't know about other countries (and actually I think this use is very popular in my city and only after it became a little popular in other areas of my country) but here, when someone gets a degree, his friends put up a poster outside the university with a very dirty portrait of him and his life written in a funny way, often stressing this person's flaws and awkward episodes occurred to him. After the official cerimony, they dress him in a very embarassing way (plastic bags, wigs, bikinis on boys and so on... the worst I've seen was when I was a child and it was a guy in his underwear with dead fishes in it, flippers at his feet and a octopus on his head! :S), then they give him a bottle of wine and make him read the poster out loud, forcing him to drink eveytime he makes a mistake (of course the amount of mistakes increases while going on reading thanks to alcohol). After all this, they all walk through downtown to go to the party (if the graduate organized one) singing out loud a dirty motto that translated means "Graduate, graduate up in the arse, fuck you! Fuck you!") and usually people in the streets sing it along when they pass by even if they don't know the graduate.

Back to my story, I hardly find the time to draw the portrait for the poster, but this is the result (I don't think it's so outrageous, but some might think so, if you don't want to see a drawing of male genitals then don't click on it):

But atm she's mad at me because I published some pictures of the night on facebook. :( I didn't mean to do anything wrong.

And now the question of the day: is there a particular use in the place you live when someone gets a degree? Is it the same use in the whole country or is it peculiar of your city? Let me know! For now byes and tomorrow I'll show you the last achievements of my wardrobe!

mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

Last days of fun before starting to work

Hi guys! :) How was your Halloween? What did you do? Did you have fun? I went to a party with some friends and it was fine. I'll show you what my ugly, spooky costume was:

Yep, Snooki by Jersey Shore. I look even shorter and fatter standing next to my friend (but fuck, she's a model ç_ç). I really felt my i.q. decreasing during the night so at some point I get rid of that wig and regained my original look, except for my lovely blue lenses and the leopard scarf a friend lent me to complete my costume - I would never ever wear something with that pattern in real life! But it was so warm!)
4 of us celebrated a Samhain ritual and asked the others who wanted to watch it and wrote what they want to get rid of and wish to have in the future on some pieces of paper they burnt during the cerimony. Even if I'm completely atheist I thought it would have been kind of me to partecipate. After the "solemn" time we went back to fun: we played games with alcohol and a (just a little)steamy version of "truth or dare" until 6.30 in the moring and slept about 3 hours before tidying up everything and being kicked out. :D
Then yesterday I worked hard on a very important artwork I still can't talk about and today I went to the bar in the gas station my family started to manage about a month ago. Tomorrow will be the grand opening of the bar(it took a lot of time to gain all the documents). So from tomorrow I'll officially be a worker! Tell me about your Halloween/Samhain or link me any post you talk about it in!