mercoledì 23 maggio 2012

Wave Gotik Treffen

So, tomorrow I'm leaving to reach Leipzig together with 7 gorgeous people and have fun for 4 days at the WGT! Can't wait to join Viona's picnic the day after tomorrow! *-* I know I'll feel so humble compared to all the magnificent dresses they all will be wearing, but I'll try my best to have an amazing day. That will be the amazing start of my trip to the Wave Gotik Treffen. This year will be my first time there: I'm soooo anxious and excited! I hope I won't forget anything important! As soon as my luggage will be ready I'll hide it in a safe place because I'm afraid my cats will pee on it (they try everytime they realize I'm leaving for a while, it's their goodbye present -.-'). It would be a disaster since I'll bring all the best from my goth wardrobe! O.O Tonight I was looking for batteries in a closet and I found this cool... 

...I don't know exactly what it is (it's not a watch, it's just empty inside), but it will be gorgeous attached on my steampunk belt together with this faux leather pocket I bought for 2.95€ today at H&M. :)

If anyone of you is going to be there I'll be so happy to know you in person! Let me know! Goodnight! xxx

Pictures from last bodypainting performance

That's been a tough day, we weren't even sure the model would have come in time but in the end all went well! Here are some pictures taken during the performance, you can see more on my facebook page! It seems I'll perform a lot this summer, but nothing's confirmed yet, so... Wish me luck!

lunedì 21 maggio 2012

A little preview of the photosession

Here's one of the first pictures I received from Steve tonight :) I like it sooooo much! I'll post them all on my facebook page so don't forget to subscribe!

domenica 20 maggio 2012

Make up sneak peak

Here's a little preview of the make up I wore today for the photosession. I'm quite satisfied of how I looked in the pictures. :)


Hello it's rubina here,
I don't know if i should be happy or sad for what happened today... I'll tell you...
Tonight I was waken up at 4am by a earthquake and I was very very very frightened because it was the hardest I've ever felt in my life since I don't live in a earthquake zone. Plus, all my relatives live in earthquake zones so I was very worried for them, and all the neighbours were down in the street. Then I checked the news on the internet and saw that the centre was not in my relatives' areas, so when the tremors stopped and my neighbours went back in their houses I went on with my life even if I wasn't able to fall asleep again.
This morning I took a train with my friend Silvia and my super patient boyfriend and went to Venice for a little photo session with Steve who took amazing pictures of us I'm very looking forward to seeing. I had a really crazy make up you'll see...
Now that I came back home my neighbours are in the street again beacuse they felt another tremor and I discovered that many people died in the central area of the earthquake.
I don't really think we are in danger here, but even if I'm tired as hell I don't think I'll be able to take the nap I wanted to, so lets see what happen, I'm ready to any inconvenience...

giovedì 10 maggio 2012

New video - Finally a Within Temptation cover

This is a video from the last contest I won. I've always wanted to sing a cover of a Within Temptation's song, but I needed to find the right one since they are very difficult. This happened to be the right one for me since I won the first place! <3 Like it and comment on youtube please! *-*

martedì 1 maggio 2012

Crafting with Rubina presents: Cat Trap

Some days ago I was wodering where did all my cat toys disappear in the last months, then today I stepped with my bare foot on one of my cats glass marbles and and its almost the same pain of walking on a lego brick or into a corner with your little toe. The shock turned on the little light bulb floating on my head together with my PlumbBob, so in 5 minutes I created a cat trap! 

Now my cats' toys won't get lost in the house anymore, I wont' risk my life stepping on them anymore and my cats will have more fun since they love to sneak into little spaces :)
 I'm a genius. ù.ù