martedì 27 marzo 2012

Happy B-day Nebbia!

Today my wonderful kitty Nebbia turns 1 year old, happy birthday "little" Nebbia! <3

Some days ago I started letting him free to explore the yard (really large one) under my careful sight. He turned out to be very smart, he follows me when I call him and plays with sticks like a puppy dog. :3 I made a few videos of it but I still have to paste them together and put them on youtube, meanwhile you can enjoy this video I made the very first day I brought him home, when he was 2 months old:

If you are wondering, Nebbia means fog/mist in italian, I call him so because he's a fluffy grey cloud!

martedì 13 marzo 2012

Video from last contest

I had to upload it from my boyfriend's pc since I had problems with mine, but finally I did it! Yay! Send comments and rate it on youtube please! <3

sabato 10 marzo 2012


I just arrived home from the contest and I'm a bit sad since I only won the 3rd place... That sucks, I worked so hard. But I only got myself to blame since the performance was not perfect at all, it was the first time I sang that song in front of a crowd, I sang the last note, wich was the most effective, very bad... I think that ruined the whole performance affecting the judges' opinion... At least a lot of strangers came up to me to congrats and tell me they thought I should have been the winner. Probably I'll have an audition for the italian X Factor in the next months, but that's not sure, I don't like those kind of shows too much, I would do that only to gain a bit of visibility and maybe know some influent people. Here's a sneak peek of the outfit I had tonight, I think it's beautiful and i look cute in it even if I stopped losing weight a couple of months ago :/ I keep on controlling what I eat as always but that's not enough to lose weight anymore, I DO need time to do some work out, and it's quite hard to find it when you work 10 hours per day.
And these are... My shoes! (They are just a bunch of sketches made in a rush in a very low light...)

I'm too tired to uplad the video of my performance now, I'll do it tomorrow! Sorry! :) Good night and sweet dreams! (It's 4.44 a.m here!)

venerdì 9 marzo 2012

So cool!!!

I must have been living under a rock, you may think, but of course it's something that happened lately, we can now answer to comments here on blogspot! *-* I'm so glad for this since I usually comment many bloggers but if they don't answer on mine, I usually forgot to check on theirs for the answer. I'm super tired and I haven't finish my dress for tomorrow yet. It's not how it was supposed to be but I'll feel beautiful in it anyway. :) I still have to dye my hair and then I'll go to sleep, it's gonna be a long day! :)

I'm in a hurry and I still post

Aww, I have the sweetest boyfriend. Look what he gave me yesterday for the Woman's Day:
I love flowers, I don't know why my previous boyfriends tought I didn't like them, someone of course must have told them so, since they never gave me flowers...
Tomorrow it'll be 1 month since when we get together but I will not see him because he's working and I'll be away for a singing contest... That's ok. We'll celebrate one day after.

By the way, Rubina, hurry up now, you have to finish the dress for the performance.

I'll send you pictures! Wish me luck for the contest! Byes xxx