lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

Christmas time, please make the bells end!

It's so upsetting that nobody's following my blog anymore... :( Here are some pics from my last boring days:
Me with my new kitty: you don't need to feed it, it's not an attention whore and it doesn't poop everywhere! <3 (just kidding: it's fake fur of course)

Oh, by the way, I tried to be vegetarian and I succeeded in it for 10 days, but then I discovered I gained 2 kg and stopped it. It's not being vegetarian that I blame for it of course, but the fact that I dislikes loads of food, so instead of replacing white meat cooked on griddle (which I usually eat and it's low in fat) with healty vegetarian food I replaced it with more fats and carbs and that was the result. Now, after Christmas' lunch, I'm afraid of the scales... :( But now that I'm working "only" 10 hours at the bar instead of the whole day I'll have more time for exercising.
On Christmas day I visited my aunt's house for a family reunion (just a part of it, it's too large for one house) that is in a village of only 5-6 houses on the edge of a forest not far from the town where I was born. After the lunch we went out for a walk and it's been amazing in the sunset light shining through the black branches of bare trees: we saw iced streams passing under bridges made of stones and earth reminding me scenes from movies like the Lord of the Rings, and it's been a bit dangerous too: at some point the path was so narrow that only one person could pass, or else you would have rolled down the hill through the trees... I didn't have my camera with me, and my mobile only takes good pictures if the scene is enlighted by the direct sun, so this one was the only good picture I could take:

The rest of the night was extremely boring since all my cousins left and in the house there was only adults talking about boring things, so I watched tv for hours. :/ How was you holydays? Or how's it going if you are still on it?

lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Some pictures from the Zombie Night

Here are some super cool pictures taken by Maikel Bononi during the Zombie Night on the 26th of November. I made my own make up and used just one violet lenses. You can see the whole photoset on facebook clicking on this link:

Zombie-me and zombie-Silvia eating human-Zapa

Dinner with friends

And my favourite one. I look so evil here!

sabato 3 dicembre 2011

Singing contest

Hello cuties! How's it going? I'm being very busy because of the job but I've said this so many times that it's kind of usless to repeat it over again. Yesterday night I left from the bar and drove for 2 hours toward Ravenna where I had a singing contest. I also joined it last year but it happened I caught a very bad flu one week before, and I had a serious problem with nose bleeding because of a too strong decongestant spray (combined with aspirina that is notorious for being anticoagulant) that brought me to the hospital the night before. But I wanted to compete anyway so I went there and obviously I did no good, I almost fell from my high heels on the stage while I was singing too. I decided to go back there this year because I was surprised by the high level of the contestants and I wanted to compete with them: 2 contestants from the last edition were there too. One of these was a very young girl (only 16) with an amazingly powerful voice: fortunately I was not in her same category (she was Junior, I was Senior - over20) because I don't think I could beat her. I thought she would have been the undisputed winner of her category but in the end the highest vote went to a 12yo girl (I couldn't believe she was really 12 o.o she looked like a 15-16yo girl). She was good but not as good as her!!! :/ In my category the prize went to a woman who sang good but the same, extreeeemely boring, sentimental evergreen you'll ever listen in a contest. I'm a bit upset because this kind of songs is always the favourite in contests but I don't want to bring them in order to win. I want to sing what I like and win without any compromise. However, even if only one prize has been announced and assigned yesterday night, I had enough votes to go to the semi-finals (I tied for second place with the other guy from last year). The contest will be transmitted on italian television next wednesday night, and as soon as I'll have the official video I'll post it and link it to you, if you want to see it. Now I leave you with some pictures from yesterday night :)

Me and the great talented Letizia Crincoli :)

Me during my performance ;)