giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Lachaise news and my adventure toward the recording studio

Home, sweet home. I finally reached it a few hours ago. I'm so exhausted from all this uncomfortable travelling. These have been five intense days. On sunday morning a huge fire developed in one of the train stations in Rome just a few hours before my departure to get there. So I arrived in Rome at almost 10pm and it was too late to take the train and bus to get to the town where the hotel and the studio were. I had no idea of where to spend the night and I was a bit frightened by the people in the streets around the station (mainly drunk men annoying every woman passing their by). Thank Goth a very nice korean girl I met on the train brought me to a hostel but there was no vacancy and so it was for all the hotels that were affordable to me in that area. At least I was in a safe place in the hostel reception so I stayed there and after two hours and many phone calls (praying the battery not to run out) I succeeded in finding a cousin of mine I haven't seen for some years and who lives there. So she rescued me and that night I slept at her place. The day after I reached the train station again and producer Rob Cufaro took me to the recording studio. It was the first time I met him in person so I was a little afraid to be awed by him (he was the guitarist/producer from a band I like a lot: Theatres des Vampires) but fortunately he's a very kind person and I felt at my ease from the first moment. So the recording has been pleasant and much quicker than what we expected: in just three days we recorded all the songs for the album and he told me about another project I'd be glad to join but it's too early to talk about it. :)

The studio was beautiful but on the last day we had a moment of anxiety because we started hearing strong vibrations inside the studio that is carved inside a hill, under a deconsecrated church and next to a catacomb. They probably were just doing some structural works drilling the rock around the studio but I nearly shat bricks because Rob told me about some creepy events that happened right there in the past like the sound of steps while nobody was walking and closed windows opening all at the same time in a rumble .
The hotel I slept in for three nights was very old, creepy and in the middle of nowhere (so during the nights I had to stay in my room bored and lonely). At least the view was breathtaking and I took a lot of pictures (which I think look better if enlarged):

So this morning I was looking forward to leaving and coming home but I had to wake up early and take, in order: one bus, one local train, another bus, another local train, the underground and then the high speed train that finally took me home. My bandmates and I have to get to the studio again in september to listen to the final result but I hope we'll go by car that time because I already gave my proof of bravery being a girl travelling all alone in such uncomfortable conditions to such a remote place.

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  1. Do your band have any songs out on youtube? Im very interested what kind of music your playing:)

  2. We used to have some samples but we put them out of the internet before starting the recording session. We'll probably publish some in september. :)

  3. The photos are pretty. Sounds like you had a long trip.