domenica 17 luglio 2011

Redentore Festival 2011

When I said I would have gone out yesterday night I meant that I would have chosen a really great occasion to have fun: a dear friend of mine has a little appartment in Venice (in Italy, the one with gondolas, channels, pigeons and more tourists then actually-venetian people), she often invites people there (we live in Padua that is more or less 40 km far from there) so a few days ago she called to invite some friends for the Redentore festival (all I know about it is thousands of drunk people everywhere and fireworks!). I initially said no because I was depressed, but in yesterday morning I called back and told her I would have been there. So I take the train alone at 5pm and got walking to her house one hour later. Then we met the other friends in a bar: we first drank spritz (extremely pupular happy hour cocktail of this area) then we had pizza for dinner in her place and we went on drinking Bellini, wine and beer for ther rest of the night (unfortunately I couldn't drink too much because it was very hot and I hate to sweat when it's not time to do it, especially when I wear corset and amazing make up. Plus next week I'll start recording for the album).

After dinner we walked to the Giudecca, wich is the little isle in front of the main one and it's still Venice, even if it's not usually linked with any bridge to the big one. I said usually because for this one day festival a large and obviously very long floating bridge is built to link the two isles. It took a lot of time to walk through it and then find a place to sit. The sea was full of boats and yachts of every size with people dancing and partying on them. We brought newspapers to sit on the ground as everyone, plus two little stools I brough by train from home. A lady saw one of them was empty and sat on it without asking anyone of us.

When the firework show started we realized we choose the wrong place because there was a waterbus floating stop right in front of us, so we couldn't see the fires on the water and a few after the beginning a couple walked in front of me and sat on the ground... He sat on one of my bags! (At least it was empty.) It seemed to be the "Sit-on-a-stranger's-things-without-asking" Festival!!! It was amazing anyway and it last for about 40 minutes. I filmed everything but of course nobody would see the whole video, I selected the last 2 minutes. Of course the video cannot show you how magificent the thing was.

It took centuries to come back to my friend's home and then to the station. Me and others actually wanted to go to the seaside and party till the morning but we would have had to walk and sail for hours because of the crowd and of course the waterbusses were full, we would have probably arrived at the beach when the sun was already up. The train trip was quite terrible, with drunk people at every station hitting the windows from outside to wake up sleeping people on the seats. :/ At least I was with other two girls and a boy they met there. Well I guess even this made the night amazing... Except for the ugly dance music...

4 commenti:

  1. the festival sounds like a ton of fun!

  2. I like the photos. Seems like an interesting place to go. I wish the best for the album.

  3. Thanks for your wishes. :) Yes Venice is always an interesting place to visit, but events like Redetore and especially Carnival in february/march make it even more attractive. I work as a street make up artist there during the Carival. I posted many pictures on my facebook profile.