venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Lachaise news and other random updates

Lachaise news
Unfortunately we had a bunch of organization problems during the past days and as the time is running fast we sadly had to cancel the photoset for the album cover. Don't worry. We still have loads of other ideas and it's going to be absolutely gorgeous.

Other random updates
Anyway the photographer was quite eager about the idea we had for that picture so he asked me to carry on the project when we will have more time to spend on it. I really hope he will keep his word because it's a really great project even if it's hard and it will take a lot of time. Furthermore I had a nice idea for a bodypaint and next week he's gonna take some pictures of it. A dear friend of mine is gonna be the mannequin.

Tonight I'm gonna go out. I decided. I've past the last 10 days sleeping during the day and crying for him (not the photographer of course! Neither my dear mannequin friend. O.o I meant the man I dated for a while) during the night. I just can't go on this way or I'm gonna go insane. Even my parents noticed I was not ok. And they never notice anything.
I have nothing to blame on myself: we both know I made no mistakes, and I tried hard to solve the situation 'cause I really cared. This is still going to hurt for a long time but I don't get why he should go to funfairs while at the same moment I'm in my room crying in the dark. As soon as a decent time to phone people in a saturday July morning will come (it's 6 am here) I'll call my friends.

3 commenti:

  1. So are you going to stop dating this guy? If he truly is more interested in partying than cheering you up, I personally think you should. Everyone deserves better than that.

  2. Actually he stopped dating me. Everything seemed to be perfect at the beginning then suddenly he decided I was not the right one. I feel so bad for this.

  3. I feel your pain right now :( Everything seemed perfect.