giovedì 22 settembre 2011

I need to do your make up

It's me again. Two posts in a row! So... Today I had to do the make up for a photoset by Raedna ( for whom I sometimes work. Nothing impressive (the make up I mean) but I really liked the idea. Here you can see the first published shot:
And here are a couple "illegal" pics I took with my mobile. :D

I started spreading the voice about my bodypainting skills, collecting some of my best works in a little portfolio and I'll soon join a make up class so I can finally start doing some shows around and work for photographers (I already attended a make up class 2 years ago but this one is going to be much more accurate -I hope). Before I reached Raedna's studio this evening I went to a Sephora store to buy some eyeshadows I needed and my eye was captured by a huge, wonderful palette with fucking 98 eyeshadows and tons of blushes, lipglosses and more. It's definitely in my "to buy" list for when I'll have a salary. I'm also looking around to find a second hand hairbrush to speed up the bodypainting. It seems it paradoxically needs a lot of money to start getting some money...

They told me I could be anything I wanted...

...So I became a highlighter.

Hi :) I'm a bit upset about the total lack of comments on my last post. :( Whatever. I hope this new one will be more interesting...

Yesterday I went to a friend of mine's hair salon to fix my hair colour. The dye I normally use is said to be permanent but it goes away everytime I wash my hair. I think it's because I bleached and dyed it too many times, since a friend of mine uses the same dye on natural hair and it lasts for months. But instead of fixing the problem, the hairdresser made it worse! Now I have bleach blonde roots, black and orange spots on the top of my head and this florescent highlighter red I never wanted. :/ Furthermore, look at how ruined the ends are!!! Of course I didn't pay her! I had my hair dyed by her before and I was satisfied, I had no reasons to foresee this accident. I hope my hair will recover as soon as possible so that I can dye it with a colour I'm comfortable with.

domenica 18 settembre 2011

Zombie walk

Hey there! I hope you had a good weekend so far. Yesterday my city was assaulted by a hord of undeads. Some of them had their make up done by me.
I was in a hurry to arrive at the club in time to start the zombification, but most of the aspiring zombies were late, one out of the 4 designate make up artists didn't even come to the place and another one arrived 2 hours late, so I had to make up more than 20 people instead of the expected 12-13 (I'm used to make up many more people per day during Carnival in Venice, but there I usually had a maximum of 6-7 customers one after another in the rush hour and normally have to wait minutes between the last customer and the next one, while here it was 4 hours non stop under red-hot spotlights). In the end I was so tired I didn't even make myself up and went to the walk as a living snack. I even kindly offered myself to bring 4 unknown zombies from the club to the meeting point by car, and before getting off my car one of them said he accidentally stained my seats with fake blood but did nothing to set right the mess and just went away before I could stop him. :/
Despite of this inconvenience I was proud of my work, the walk was pretty funny and I hope the club will call me back for some bodpainting shows.
In these 2 pictures you can see some people I made up and their happy meal. :)

Those are some link where you can see more pictures. :)
The making up:
The walk:

I tried for hours to upload a short video but Youtube hates me. I'll post it as soon as possible!

mercoledì 14 settembre 2011


On next saturday there will be a zombie walk in my city, and I will be one of the make up artists who will zombificate 50 people who booked their place on the list in time.
(You must have been living under a rock if you don't know what a zombie walk is. It's very simple: a bunch of people dress up like zombies and slouch through the streets downtown grunting and moaning. It's funny to see the reaction of "normal" people who have no idea of what is happening!) Here's one of the viral videos the organizers created to promote the event.

I usually do bodypainting, while they were looking for someone who could create special effects like wide bleeding wounds. They saw my little portfolio and said bodypainting was ok too, but I didn't want my works to be visibly too different from the others, so I asked some advices to the "chief" of the make up artists, and she could just tell me how to create fake blood and skin edges, without showing me how to do that. So a couple of days ago I made an attempt to check how long would have taken to me to do a make up with these new tecniques I didn't know in addition to the ones I generally use. It took 20 minutes and it was very succesfull to be the first attempt ever.

Now tell me: did they ever organize a zombie walk in the place you live? Did you take part or would you if they'll ever organize one?

martedì 13 settembre 2011

Famous quotes

I always try to make a point out of "work with what you got", and I do think I'm the best me I can be <3 And I love it! I want everybody to feel that about themselves :)

This could become one of Adora Batbrat's famous quotes. Like Jim Morrison or Oscar Wilde, lol. But seriously, those words made me think a lot.

domenica 4 settembre 2011

Boring days waiting

Hey dears! I haven't write anything on my blog in a week basically because nothing special happened except from a few new entries in my wardrobe that I'll show you as soon as I'll feel like taking some decent pictures. I'm spending my time mainly looking for a job. I had an interview in a tattoo studio some weeks ago and I thought it went well but the boss didn't call me back. He must have hired some friend of him. I'm quite upset because I wanted that job so bad, it would have been so cool to work for a tattoo artist. So now I'm waiting for someone else to call me back and give me some other random boring job but if I'll ever get one (it seems you necessarily have to know or fuck someone to find one here) I know I won't do it at my best if I don't like it.

Talking about things I like, Lachaise' album will be out in less than 6 weeks! :) As you may have noticed I added a plug-in to our facebook page here on the right side, so that you can like it, visit it and look at our pictures as long as you wait for more hints about "In a state of Oblivion". We are almost there!

Maybe someday Lachaise will do so good that we won't even need other jobs to live. We are working hard for that and I hope we'll get there.