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21st Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig 2012 - Day 2

Hi cuties! :D Here's my blog about my second day in Leipzig at 21st WGT!
From day 2 we started moving around the city in small groups or even alone. Leipzig was a very important trade center before the fall of the Berlin wall, after wich the number of its inhabitants decreased drastically. That's why it looks so enormous and empty (we never found traffic in the city) and wandering through it you can see a lot of buildings empty or closed since ages. Because of its size it took centuries to go from one place to another by tram and busses, but the public transports were very efficient.
In the morning my group visited the central station were we saw other italian people we usually meet in clubs here (we met some of them the day before too) and I had some super yummy orange duck for lunch. *ç* Then we had a *REAL* italian espresso at Paganini's, the price was double than what we usually pay in Italy but it was the only good coffe I had in Germany. (I had to go back there a few other times in those days, because I'm an espresso addicted and I really couldn't drink that pot of dirty water Germans call coffee XD no offence!) It was so weird to speak to the italian waiters! :) I felt home. After lunch we walked through the streets nearby and I was photographed by many people when I stopped next to a wonderful Rolls Royce parked in front of an antiquary shop (a professional photographer gave me his card but I still can't find my pictures in his site). The same happened at Absintherie Sixtina were a real antique hearse was parked.
I felt such a diva that I almost forgot about the bartender making me pay more than my due and not giving my money back. :/ There was a clothing stand next to the absintherie and another stand selling dildos and other weird things. The man there gave me a little squared plastic pack and I thought it was a condom. So weird. Than we visited the amazing XtraX store but I didn't buy anything (unfortunately I have really expensive and peculiar tastes... I drool for everything is uncommon and very detailed, so I couldn't afford anything I liked there :/)
After all the walking and posing we went back to the hotel to rest for a while before going to Agra for the night. While I was all alone in my room I watched some interesting documentaries and the Simpsons in german on the tv and I laughed at some points even if I couldn't get a single word... I also decided to discover what was in the squared little pack: it was not a condom, it was heart shaped strawberry flavoured jelly candies! So cute! 
Then we spent the night in Agra: since I was very disappointed from the first band we saw for using playback and not even try to make it seem they were live, I left my friends to visit the shops again: I found some super cheap vintage clothes (I asked the seller if the prices had any mistake but he said they were right): there were 2 *AMAZING* tailored skirts I wanted so much but they just didn't fit, so I just bought a beautiful vintage dress I'll show you asap (it's in the washing machine right now). Then I tried to go back to my friends in the concerts area but it was too late and security didn't let me enter, so I just waited and when they reached me we all went back to hotel to put on proper clothing and go to the amazing fetish party at the beautiful Volkspalast (it is absolutely my favourite place among all the ones we visited, Moritzbastei takes the second place). We reached it through the wrong way and we seriously risked our lives because of the giant holes in the ground and no lights to see them! It was sadly forbidden to  take photographs inside the palace but you can see the location on its site, just to know how sumptuous it was! We had fun till the morning and then have a huuuuge breakfast at 6.30am at the hotel restaurant before falling dead on our beds. Woah! This post has been way longer than the other, but on the first day we actually didn't this much! As in the previous post I leave you with a picture of my outfit and one of my make up that day! byes xxx

Messy hair... Stupid wind!

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