mercoledì 6 giugno 2012

The transit of Venus

Last night I didn't go to sleep beacuse I was afraid I wouldn't have woken up to see it in time! After writing the previous blog about my 2nd day at WGT I took my bike and went to the river shore to have a better view. Unfortunately the horizon was very cloudy and I couldn't see anything. When finally the sun came out of the clouds I sadly discovered the dark glass I had with me was inefficient, plus Venus looked so little it was really hard to find it without enlarging it with a telescope or bioculars. I luckily found a kind lady who borrowed me her binoculars for a few seconds, so that I could finally see the show! I noticed she didn't have any dark glass, just a piece of an x-ray sheet and it was very effective! Since I misunderstood the event would have finished at 5.55 and this time was very soon I came back home in a hurry and looked for some old x-ray. I found it in a few seconds so I ran at the terrace and used it as a filter for my photocamera, I zoomed at its maximum and I still couldn't see the event (it ended at 6.50 here). My mum and my brother were waking up at that moment to go to work so I told them to run and see it or they wouldn't have seen it anymore in their life. (It will happen again in 2117!) So finally I could take pictures of it. :) My camera is not professional but I'm so satisfied for having my own pictures of Venus transiting in front of the Sun!

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