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21st Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig 2012 - Day 1

Hello cuties! I carved out some time to write about my super adventure at the 21st edition of the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. In this post I'll tell you what happened on the first day. I travelled by train to Verona on Thursday afternoon to reach the house of one of the guys, which was our meeting point. (We all are from different cities in our region: since the goth scene is not so big in Italy, you have to travel a lot to reach the most popular parties and clubs - and still we live in the area where it's more populous - so you meet people from very different and far places.) We ate pizza for dinner and then at 10:22 pm our travel get started! We stopped many times because travelling by night is really hard, plus the owner of the car in which I was didn't want anyone else to drive so he did the whole travel without sleeping.
 So embrassing: my travel outfit!(I just
 put on what remained out of my bag, despite 
not a single cloth matches with the others)

We arrived at our hotel in Leipzig at 10 am. It was really beautiful, with big windows and a glass elevator. But when I opened the door of my apartment I found a man in his underwear: I shut the door immediately and ran in the guys' apartment! O.O How embrassing! My room mates didn't believe me so they opened the door again!

My room mates waiting for the naked
stranger to go away from our room
I'm not the tidiest person in the world, but  this is how the
room looked after 5 minutes  my room mates were in XD

Even if we all were tired I didn't sleep beacuse I wanted to get ready for Viona's victorian pic-nic starting at 3pm. Unfortunately the others get ready very late and after chainging our ticket at Agra we got lost in Leipzig trying to reach the park where the pic-nic took place. It was 7pm when I gave up because I saw many people around in victorian clothes with empty baskets coming back. I was so sad that I cried... I really wanted to partecipate. Plus, I brought a really big and heavy picnic hamper with food and wine for all my mates, which occupied a lot of space in the car and in the end it was totally useless. :(

My hamper and my huge black velvet blanket
Me sad for not going to the pic-nic :(

Fortunately I was soon cheered up by a bottle of wine and we decided to go back to Agra to have dinner, drink beer, watch the concerts and lose a lot of time wandering through the market. It was so big and full of amazing things to buy (some of them were very expensive like leather corsets worth 500-700 € or metal handmade collars worth 300€). I didn't want to spend all my money on the first day so I just bought a pair of cute goggles with mirrors as lenses.
Some rosè wine to cheer me up
My new supercute little goggles

No partying till the morning on the first night: we went back to the hotel very soon because we still were all very tired for the travel from Italy. I leave you with a picture of my outfit and one of my make up on the first day of Treffen, byes! xxx


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