venerdì 18 novembre 2011

Just fallen in love!

On last sunday I went to Ikea with my cousins (they came from their town - where I was born - to visit my family and I haven't seen them for more than one year!) my brother and a friend of him. We barely stood the crowd and stayed there less than one hour. It wasn't enough to buy all the things I needed for the bar I work in now, but I picked up this little cheap thingy for about 2€. I didn't have time to try it until tonight and...

...I found out it's absolutely fantastic. The foam I obtained with it was much better than the one I make with the fucking professional hi-tech brand new coffee machine at the bar. *-*

As the foam is very thick, soft, delicious and long lasting, I'm gonna buy caramel and chocolate toppings, stock up on this item (it does't look very stout and of course I'm sooo unlucky that Ikea would for sure run out of it or stop selling it if I break mine and need a new one), and start practicing to make simple but beautiful decorations on cappuccinos like this!

I think the lady who comes and drinks a cappuccino every afternoon will absolutely love it!

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