domenica 13 novembre 2011

How to celebrate a graduate in Italy

Woah... Is it really been 11 fucking days since the last time I wrote something here? No wonder a lot of people stopped following me... That's why I decided I want to write something everyday, or at least every 2 days, I'll find something interesting to say and the strenght to do that even if I work all day long and when I'm back home I'm tired as hell!

2 days after the last time I posted, I celebrated my friend Viola's degree (in Italy it's called "short" degree and it's similar to bachelor's degree, I have no idea of what that means but the dictionary said so, anyway she's still studying for the master's) in modern languages. Me and other friends secretly organized everything and worked on a big poster for her. I don't know about other countries (and actually I think this use is very popular in my city and only after it became a little popular in other areas of my country) but here, when someone gets a degree, his friends put up a poster outside the university with a very dirty portrait of him and his life written in a funny way, often stressing this person's flaws and awkward episodes occurred to him. After the official cerimony, they dress him in a very embarassing way (plastic bags, wigs, bikinis on boys and so on... the worst I've seen was when I was a child and it was a guy in his underwear with dead fishes in it, flippers at his feet and a octopus on his head! :S), then they give him a bottle of wine and make him read the poster out loud, forcing him to drink eveytime he makes a mistake (of course the amount of mistakes increases while going on reading thanks to alcohol). After all this, they all walk through downtown to go to the party (if the graduate organized one) singing out loud a dirty motto that translated means "Graduate, graduate up in the arse, fuck you! Fuck you!") and usually people in the streets sing it along when they pass by even if they don't know the graduate.

Back to my story, I hardly find the time to draw the portrait for the poster, but this is the result (I don't think it's so outrageous, but some might think so, if you don't want to see a drawing of male genitals then don't click on it):

But atm she's mad at me because I published some pictures of the night on facebook. :( I didn't mean to do anything wrong.

And now the question of the day: is there a particular use in the place you live when someone gets a degree? Is it the same use in the whole country or is it peculiar of your city? Let me know! For now byes and tomorrow I'll show you the last achievements of my wardrobe!

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