mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

Last days of fun before starting to work

Hi guys! :) How was your Halloween? What did you do? Did you have fun? I went to a party with some friends and it was fine. I'll show you what my ugly, spooky costume was:

Yep, Snooki by Jersey Shore. I look even shorter and fatter standing next to my friend (but fuck, she's a model ç_ç). I really felt my i.q. decreasing during the night so at some point I get rid of that wig and regained my original look, except for my lovely blue lenses and the leopard scarf a friend lent me to complete my costume - I would never ever wear something with that pattern in real life! But it was so warm!)
4 of us celebrated a Samhain ritual and asked the others who wanted to watch it and wrote what they want to get rid of and wish to have in the future on some pieces of paper they burnt during the cerimony. Even if I'm completely atheist I thought it would have been kind of me to partecipate. After the "solemn" time we went back to fun: we played games with alcohol and a (just a little)steamy version of "truth or dare" until 6.30 in the moring and slept about 3 hours before tidying up everything and being kicked out. :D
Then yesterday I worked hard on a very important artwork I still can't talk about and today I went to the bar in the gas station my family started to manage about a month ago. Tomorrow will be the grand opening of the bar(it took a lot of time to gain all the documents). So from tomorrow I'll officially be a worker! Tell me about your Halloween/Samhain or link me any post you talk about it in!

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  1. Cool. My Halloween was so boring but that's okay I celebrate it daily :) I'm mostly sad that the stores will be taking all the Halloween goodies down. I'll have to remember that Samhain ritual for next time.