domenica 30 ottobre 2011

Being goth at Halloween?

Halloween is almost here and with it come people looking at your everyday outfit and asking "Are you ready for Halloween yet?" during the weeks before and "Isn't Halloween over yet?" during the weeks after. Or am I the only goth who's asked so? With my black clothes, lace, leather, studs and skulls and with my wonderful red and black hair and V fringe (better than any wig you could ever buy), it would be kind of boring and nobody would notice the difference if I dress up like a vampire, a devil or a witch. For that reason tomorrow I'll dress up in what I myself consider a scaring way. :) I don't want to reveal what my costume will be but I'll give you a hint: I bought the darkest foundation I could find to look tanned and I spent hours dressing a black straight wig. ;) Now I have to go and get ready for tonight's concert! I'm going to face my fear of being squashed in a big crowd indoor to see Lacuna Coil! So far...

I wish you a happy Halloween! :3

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