domenica 4 settembre 2011

Boring days waiting

Hey dears! I haven't write anything on my blog in a week basically because nothing special happened except from a few new entries in my wardrobe that I'll show you as soon as I'll feel like taking some decent pictures. I'm spending my time mainly looking for a job. I had an interview in a tattoo studio some weeks ago and I thought it went well but the boss didn't call me back. He must have hired some friend of him. I'm quite upset because I wanted that job so bad, it would have been so cool to work for a tattoo artist. So now I'm waiting for someone else to call me back and give me some other random boring job but if I'll ever get one (it seems you necessarily have to know or fuck someone to find one here) I know I won't do it at my best if I don't like it.

Talking about things I like, Lachaise' album will be out in less than 6 weeks! :) As you may have noticed I added a plug-in to our facebook page here on the right side, so that you can like it, visit it and look at our pictures as long as you wait for more hints about "In a state of Oblivion". We are almost there!

Maybe someday Lachaise will do so good that we won't even need other jobs to live. We are working hard for that and I hope we'll get there.

3 commenti:

  1. I wish I could get a non boring job too. If your album is ever available in the US I'd be more than happy to purchase it.

  2. Good luck with the job hunt !
    I would love to work in a tattoo studio and go all Kat Von D, Never mind though if you want it bad try another tattoo shop, never give up!

  3. waiting for the non boring days when you would be posting more frequently :)