domenica 18 settembre 2011

Zombie walk

Hey there! I hope you had a good weekend so far. Yesterday my city was assaulted by a hord of undeads. Some of them had their make up done by me.
I was in a hurry to arrive at the club in time to start the zombification, but most of the aspiring zombies were late, one out of the 4 designate make up artists didn't even come to the place and another one arrived 2 hours late, so I had to make up more than 20 people instead of the expected 12-13 (I'm used to make up many more people per day during Carnival in Venice, but there I usually had a maximum of 6-7 customers one after another in the rush hour and normally have to wait minutes between the last customer and the next one, while here it was 4 hours non stop under red-hot spotlights). In the end I was so tired I didn't even make myself up and went to the walk as a living snack. I even kindly offered myself to bring 4 unknown zombies from the club to the meeting point by car, and before getting off my car one of them said he accidentally stained my seats with fake blood but did nothing to set right the mess and just went away before I could stop him. :/
Despite of this inconvenience I was proud of my work, the walk was pretty funny and I hope the club will call me back for some bodpainting shows.
In these 2 pictures you can see some people I made up and their happy meal. :)

Those are some link where you can see more pictures. :)
The making up:
The walk:

I tried for hours to upload a short video but Youtube hates me. I'll post it as soon as possible!

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