giovedì 22 settembre 2011

I need to do your make up

It's me again. Two posts in a row! So... Today I had to do the make up for a photoset by Raedna ( for whom I sometimes work. Nothing impressive (the make up I mean) but I really liked the idea. Here you can see the first published shot:
And here are a couple "illegal" pics I took with my mobile. :D

I started spreading the voice about my bodypainting skills, collecting some of my best works in a little portfolio and I'll soon join a make up class so I can finally start doing some shows around and work for photographers (I already attended a make up class 2 years ago but this one is going to be much more accurate -I hope). Before I reached Raedna's studio this evening I went to a Sephora store to buy some eyeshadows I needed and my eye was captured by a huge, wonderful palette with fucking 98 eyeshadows and tons of blushes, lipglosses and more. It's definitely in my "to buy" list for when I'll have a salary. I'm also looking around to find a second hand hairbrush to speed up the bodypainting. It seems it paradoxically needs a lot of money to start getting some money...

2 commenti:

  1. This looks interesting.

    oh, and i hate situations when you need money to get money.

  2. interesting... best luck for your classes :) and wonderful job )