domenica 28 agosto 2011

Yesterday's highlander make up

Yesterday night I went to Pride Village again with my friend Viola and other people; I dressed in a very comfortable and so quite boring style because I wanted to get drunk and dance for hours, that is what I actually did. I had lots of fun even if when I came back home I had a very sad moment. I fell asleep with my make up on and despite of rolling between sheets and pillows for 6 hours, plus sweat and tears from the night before, when I woke up and walked toward the mirror to meet a panda I discovered my make up was still PERFECT. I don't get how this was scientifically possible.

I took inspiration from various pictures of Amanda Palmer's eyebrows, but I wated to do something personal, I don't like to copy too much. It was the first attempt so give me time to improve my skills. :)

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