mercoledì 24 agosto 2011

Racists in 2011

Woah the last post was a lot of blah blah blahs! This is gonna be a lot more serious. When I woke up this morning and read emails I ran into a response to a comment I submitted on a youtube video some days ago . The video was the famous sketch from Family Guy where Peter goes to an italian butcher's shop wearing a mustache and he tries to speak Italian ("Scusi...Badababoopi?").

One of the comments said: "ITALIAN(s) ARE NOT WHITE". I responded to that in a very pacific way and my purpose was to be hilarious: "You watched Jersey Shore too much, lol. You should visit Italy when it's not summer holiday time and everybody get tanned..." assuming actors from that tv show represent the idea that foreign people have about Italians. This was the comment he posted on my youtube channel today: "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN I WATCH AMERICAN SHOWS ? IAM NOT AMERICAN YOU FUCKING GREASY BLACK ITALIAN, FUCK OFF BACK TO AFRIKA YOU MOOR" O.O I actually didn't take any offence but I was very shocked about it. I visited this person's channel and what I found was a long list of favourite videos offending people from most of the countries, especially the ones whose citizens, in his opinion, declare to be "white" while, always in his opinions, they are black (not to mention the n word he uses continuously). I also read he's from Spain and he hate spanish people because they are black, the only reason I can think for he still doesn't move to North Pole (I heard 100% of the population over there is pure white... But they are not very kind... You know, polar bears don't like humans so much if they are alive and out of their stomach) is because he's a troll or he's just a 12-year-old bully. One of those videos' title was "Italians are not white", and who made it basically declared that real white people only have blonde hair and blue eyes because they descend from albinos (?!) and showed many pictures of famous actors with italian origins and black hair like Al Pacino.
This was our conversation:

Me:"So tell me... What's the exact point of this video? Because I don't get what's wrong with not being blonde (the blonde girls in the first picture are actually very tanned while I have to protect my skin with 50+ sun protection everyday even if I have brown hair and eyes, but it's just to say). And someone should inform you that albinos have a genetic disorder that can occur even among black people..."(Assuming it is true, is it a positive thing for him to descend from people who have serious skin and sight problems?)
Him:"to reveal the truth, and expose white lies"
I can't see nor truth or lies, I just see hate and ignorance. Pure races don't exists, we all are melting pots of genetic traits gained through centuries and generations, and no one of this combination is better than the other."

I am really negatively surprised everytime I discover that people still can believe these things and want to spread these crazy thoughts with the world. I don't believe in races, and don't judge people about the colour of their skin, I judge them about their culture, and these guys' culture is really sick.

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