domenica 28 agosto 2011

Today's make up - manga absent eyes

I tried to make Sunako Kirishiki's eyes. I have no idea of what anime/manga this character comes from and know nothing about her, I just made it because I wanted to help a cosplayer I know in making her sight look like the strange and absent one this character has (you can see the pictures on her profile by clicking here, I think she's a good cosplayer). Well actually she didn't ask anything, lol, I've just been keeping in my list to do a manga eyes make up for a long time and today I had some spare time, so here it is, eventhought they are not the classic manga eyes I had in mind. I'll try to make some better ones in the future.

3 commenti:

  1. That's cool. I've thought about doing cartoon eyes. Recently I was thinking it would be neat to do Salad Fingers eyes on my lids but it seems like it would be really hard.

  2. Re: They probably will if I ask them, but I don't think I'm gonna bother. I'll rather give them away to someone who might like them.