giovedì 11 agosto 2011

Yesterday's and today's make up.

Yesterday I went out for a little shopping (basically because I was bored and needed to get out from my crypt for a while) and 4 people asked me about my make up: a 16/17 girl at the mall wanted to know where to go to have eyebrows drawn so her mother stopped me and asked me. I was a bit puzzled because, unless you have them tattooed, I don't think there are places where somebody draw them to customers. Thinking about it now I should have left them my number and start running a new business but at that moment I still was a bit surprised. Then two shop assistants in two different shops downtown asked me if they could watch my make up closely. I'm not used to all this attention! Today I tried my new emerald green eyeshadow to match with the fantastic blue/green iridescent eyeliner from Kiko I use almost everyday. I personally like this make up better than the one I had yesterday. Both the pictures were taken at night after a whole day so sorry if they are not perfect and my skin looks too shiny! :/

6 commenti:

  1. *O* beautiful eyes!!
    thanks for commenting on my blog
    soon there will be new drawings.

    I hope your visit ...


  2. woow! this is amazing! i love it! *__*

  3. I love your make-up!! It's very beautifully done! It looks fabulous! ^.^
    -Kelli <3

  4. Cool. Did you use only one shade of eyeshadow in the second picture or is it blended with something else? I was just wondering because I've always been curious if it's possible to get it to look good with just one color and some eyeliner. I like it.

  5. =D this makes me want to start posting my makeup. =P Yesterday, I went to a concert and went all out. =]

  6. Thank you for the comment ;) i'm glad you liked it.
    I really like the colors and the shape you created. Really nice ;)