lunedì 8 agosto 2011

Voiceprint vs Vocal Range

During the last few weeks I listened to many unknown symphonic metal bands from all over the world, bands that are in some way comparable to Lachaise. Predictably I focused my attention on the voices of female singers and I noticed almost all of them are very similar: I found only one girl whose voice was "original" and I liked it, eventhought in this case the musicians were not skilled enough in my opinion. But I want to speak about what I know, singing indeed, I'm a singer, not a musician so, back to the voice matter, I sadly noticed that most of the female singers, despite of their good skills, have the same style of singing, and what I really don't like is that they seem to imitate most famous singers like Tarja or Simone and their very shady opera-like style disguising their natural voiceprint and then penalizing their whole work. But, unless you sing in one of those tribute bands where the members try to look after those from the original band in the whole look and style, why should you imitate them? I think that they would sing better if they discover their natural voiceprint and that they will never become big imitating something that already exists. One thing is playing the same genre and being influenced by some bands, one thing is making the same music we already heard thousands of times. I get bored listening to wanna-be-Tarja singers. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying: opera-like singing is very popular in this kind of music, and it's good, but trying to sing with a voiceprint that's not yours is not good at all. I want their real voices! They should develope their very own voice. I have a quite large vocal range that can go really low but unfortunately can't reach the highest notes these girls can reach (thought I can go quite high anyway), and this make my quite envious... But thank Goth I have a peculiar voiceprint and I know I'm not imitating anyone. I don't want to sound arrogant and I still have a lot to learn but even if I can't make those nightingale's chirps and trills more than once in a while I know people won't think I'm a wanna-be-Amy Lee or a wanna-be-Sharon singer and it won't be something they've already heard thousands of times when they'll listen to me. Furthermore, I drive for 50+50km (going+coming back) everytime I have to reharse with the band because the first time I heard my bandmates play I thought "this music has something peculiar I've never heard before and it's good".

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  1. Its tough to find your own voiceprint and if you have a different quality to your voice when singing you are very lucky! I understand what you were saying for sure and its tough for women in the music industry, in this genre because you are automatically compared to these brilliant singers! I myself used to sing and I was a musician and want to be a music producer in time. I am also going to start trying to sing with a friend of mine but not sure it will even get past the first session because my voice has been completely neglected over the past 13 yrs... I sing on my own but its no where good by any means. Again I understand what you are saying but the fact is that most people's singing voices are too alike and that's why only certain artists make it into the big time which s unfortunate.

    BTW... I haven't been feeling well but I will do my tattoo and piercing blog/vlog soon I promise!