lunedì 15 agosto 2011

Three intense days: day one.

Hello my dears! Those have been some intense but funny days to me.
On Friday I woke up really early and cleaned up the whole house, it took me about 7 hours (ok... This doesn't sound good but go on), then I drove to the studio where I had to do some test make up on a very beautiful model for the photographer who took the shooting for my band a couple of months ago (we have some upcoming plans). He uploaded a few pictures on his site but as long as the make up is not so visible in those pictures, he provided me with a portrait from the same set.

(Click to enlarge)

Then I run to meet a new Herbalife customer, went back home and my friend Rose came up to my place to spend two days together.
So that night we went to the Padova Pride Village, which is actually one of the few interesting things in this city. It was born about 4 years ago as a glbt friendly event and it got better every year: now its a two-month-long fair with two discos, loads of bar stands, food and clothes stands and several shows every night and special guests from all over the world. We saw the 5th phase of the Village Talent (a small version of X-Factor) and singers where terrible (except for the one I missed to go to the toilets) but missed the main late show because Rose drank too much and needed to go home. XD But until then we had very much fun and also met some gorgeous drag queens (the pink one was soooo nice). I was instead at the right point of drunkness, I felt very well and I even danced to that pop music I hate so much when I'm sane!

Btw those were the worst eyebrows I've ever drawn! (too low..I look dumb!)

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