lunedì 15 agosto 2011

Three intense days: day two.

So the second day (saturday) was all dedicated to the main reason for I invited Rose to my place: I live closer (and still 40-50 km) to the club where la Notte delle Candele VII would have been. It was the 7th edition of probably one of the most important goth events we have in Italy. I used to hang out at goth clubs about 2-3 years ago because of a friend of mine but my look and mind was not goth at all at that time and I was very shy and strange because I was still trying to come out from my period of depression which lasts from 2006/2007 (you can't say the exact days when you started and stopped to be depressed) till 2009, so except for a few people, other goths didn't like me or find me interesting that much (but every other kind of people didn't then). That's the reason why I haven't gone to goth nights for all this time, and now that I'm developing a new look and a new mindset I wanted so much to go there. Me and Rose wake up late and calmly get ready during all the afternoon: we wanted to have gorgeous face and bodypaints and I wore contact lenses for the very first time.

I bought daily violet lenses with no gradation for 3,99€ at the supermarket, I was a bit sceptical because I thought cheap lenses from supermarket couldn't be good enough and too light to be noticed on brown eyes so I was very glad when I saw they were comfortable and look amazing. They are sold in just 4 or 5 colors but I'll for sure try pearl grey, green and of course I want to stock up on violet ones. Rose didn't really feel like going because she still was a bit hung over but she did it anyway for me. (<3) The club was a bit far and my parents kindly drove us there so that we could drink and stay 'till late. I had lots of fun and didn't even have time to dance because I always had someone to talk with (that's better because sweat would have ruined my bodypaint).

The place was big and full of beautiful people, there were a goth clothing stand from a shop I discovered to be only 20 minutes from my city (the only one I knew here closed some years ago) which sells main brands like Hell Bunny and many more at very good prices. Yay! That means no more online shopping and try on clothes before buying! I'm definitely going there asap. I even had a free drink offered by some old ugly men who had nothing in common with goth and wanted to flirt with me, then when my drink arrived I left them saying my girlfriend was waiting for me. Hahaha. I saw many people I used to meet in goth clubs in the old days and many of them didn't recognize me at first and were so positively surprised. It felt so good to me, like a little revenge.

Me and Maria, a supercute german girl I talk with for a while. (click here to see all the official pictures from the event)

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  1. Your make up looks fantastic! I think the body paint on your chest would make a good tattoo. Haha shame on those non goths for trying to flirt.

  2. Maybe I'll have it tattooed one day, who knows... I'd prefer a tatto on a less visible part but that place would actually be good because I have several ugly spots I could cover this way. Some people asked me it was a tattoo indeed.

  3. First of the makeup looks truly amazing!! :D and second i adoooore the art on yout chest!! hope you got some great shots of it! :)

  4. The second picture I posted was the best shoot I took : I was in a hurry before leaving home (I usually spend hours taking pictures of my bodypaints until i have a decent shoot), then I was a bit drunk at the party. I didn't think of asking the official photographer of the event to take a good picture of it.

  5. With your skills there prob wont be that hard for you to do a new art like that :) saw the one on your arm/hand.. at first i thought it was real :D
    Do you use makeup or some kind of paint?

  6. I use the 12 acquacolors palette by Kryolan. A bit expensive but I bought it to work as a street face painter during Carnival in Venice so I earned much more than what I spent. White is not very good for large parts anyway. I have to try with supracolor that is better quality always from Kryolan.