lunedì 15 agosto 2011

Three intense days: day three.

Then yesterday (sunday) we woke up at lunch time and in the afternoon me and my parents brought Rose at her home (which is in the town where I have reharsals with Lachaise). The plan was that after bringing her home we should have continue in that direction to reach the town where I was born, and where we lived for some years, to join the annual medieval festival. But while I was getting ready my father said he didn't feel like driving that much again after the previous trip to the party. I already had a nice make up on but then I just put on the same clothes I had the day before the goth party sure that I wouldn't even get off the car for more than 2 minutes to greet Rose. But after we left her he said that we could go there anyway. I would have preferred to wear some appropriate costume since I've always visited the festival with medieval clothes that some organizations lend to the citizens, but it was ok.

We arrived at my uncles' house and I sadly discovered no one of my two cousins of about my age (with whom I spent all the holidays when we were children) were there (ironically one of them was at another goth festival! She should have told me!). So I had to stand my parents' boring chats and embrassing argues for all the night. The festival was pretty much the same as always but, althought some years ago they have to shorten it to just three days and cancelled many things like the fireworks show for a lack of money, that night it was full of tourists and I read it would have last for several days and maybe there will even be the fireworks at the end of it. We visited all the artisans' stands all along the main street of the historical area and my lovely aunt bought me a beautiful handmade diadem I fell in love with as a birthday present even if it was 2 months ago. <3

Then we dine among armours and tents and watched some shows I found a bit boring because I saw them thousands of times. I saw many people I met the year when I joined the jugglers and actors company for a few days but they didn't recognize me of course, and we wouldn't have much to say because we don't know each other so well, so it was ok, even if it was sad to see they don't perform their funny shows on the streets anymore, I had a great time with them...

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