giovedì 18 agosto 2011

Today's outfit

Nothing really special: I wore the dress I used for the shooting with my band 2 months ago plus plain black leggings and 2 identical faux leather wristbands with star shaped studs (I was in a hurry so I didn't dedicate too much time to the accessories). What I like the most about the dress are the corset lacing ups (2 on the front plus 2 on the back) on the 3 layered skirt and the middle layer made of lace with spiderwebs pattern. I really love this dress and it has a long story behind: I ordered it from an asian online shop as a christmas present from my mum last year. When I did it my weight was more or less 15 kg more than now. The purpose was to use it for a concert Lachaise would have performed on a tv show the last day of January, so I bought it 40 days before to be sure it would have been here in time. But in the end the dress was delivered two days after the concert and I had to wore a boring plain black dress with just a little lacing up on the breast my mum persuaded me to buy two days before the show. It made me look even fatter on tv screen. :/ Furthermore, when it arrived I had already lost about 3 or 4 kg so it was a bit loose from the beginning. Now I have to thighten it with safety pins on the inside back every time I want to put it on. I'll wait before having it thightened permanently because I want to lose at least 10 more kg. By the way I'm glad my boobs are still big even if I lost weight. They look enormous in this picture, lol.
Ps: my hair is turning into orange again! ç_ç My beloved red lasted perfectly only 3 shampooings... I hope it will get better in time with repigmentations.

5 commenti:

  1. you look great! <3 love your hair!! ;]

  2. Love your boobs, damn! *____* I miss mine, lost them in a battle against fat along with ~20kg... ._.

  3. try elumen - haircolor !

    its a bit expensive but sooooo good !

  4. Oh wow you look great - I love that dress <3
    beautiful <3

  5. Beautiful outfit *O* Her dress is very pretty *O* and her hair is perfect *O*