lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

Christmas time, please make the bells end!

It's so upsetting that nobody's following my blog anymore... :( Here are some pics from my last boring days:
Me with my new kitty: you don't need to feed it, it's not an attention whore and it doesn't poop everywhere! <3 (just kidding: it's fake fur of course)

Oh, by the way, I tried to be vegetarian and I succeeded in it for 10 days, but then I discovered I gained 2 kg and stopped it. It's not being vegetarian that I blame for it of course, but the fact that I dislikes loads of food, so instead of replacing white meat cooked on griddle (which I usually eat and it's low in fat) with healty vegetarian food I replaced it with more fats and carbs and that was the result. Now, after Christmas' lunch, I'm afraid of the scales... :( But now that I'm working "only" 10 hours at the bar instead of the whole day I'll have more time for exercising.
On Christmas day I visited my aunt's house for a family reunion (just a part of it, it's too large for one house) that is in a village of only 5-6 houses on the edge of a forest not far from the town where I was born. After the lunch we went out for a walk and it's been amazing in the sunset light shining through the black branches of bare trees: we saw iced streams passing under bridges made of stones and earth reminding me scenes from movies like the Lord of the Rings, and it's been a bit dangerous too: at some point the path was so narrow that only one person could pass, or else you would have rolled down the hill through the trees... I didn't have my camera with me, and my mobile only takes good pictures if the scene is enlighted by the direct sun, so this one was the only good picture I could take:

The rest of the night was extremely boring since all my cousins left and in the house there was only adults talking about boring things, so I watched tv for hours. :/ How was you holydays? Or how's it going if you are still on it?

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