domenica 20 novembre 2011

I'm raving furious!

Ok, until now I haven't said anything bad about Lachaise but now my patience is really over. Since I've been kicked out from the band there have been a lot of problems. Is it enough for you to know that when I went to the studio to pick up my instrumentation they made me find it already packed and now that I'm starting using it again with my new band a new trouble always crop up? So far I have two wires missing (they are just wires, nothing expensive, but why the hell should I buy new ones if I already own them and they work?) and my microphone doesn't work at all since then (it was almost brand new, I've had it about 6 months ago). Plus, they owe me a lot of money. At first they pretended to be sorry and they told me they would have given everything back, but when I discovered the truth (they already agreed with the previous singer for her to come back) I got very angry and in order to defend myself I unintentionally gave them some big troubles. But now, now that the guys from the support service told me that my microphone looks intentionally damaged (of course Lachaise denied but I've seen many times those idiots breaking someone else's instruments when they were mad at him, that's why I'm sure they did something to my mic and they hid those wires) I'm really angry; if they don't want to give me what I'm entitled to, I'm gonna give them way bigger troubles, intentionally.

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