mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

The uncomfortable truth

So... As I already said I'm not in the band anymore. I was really sad but in the end I found out the truth and I have to admit now I am so happy I lost them. It's so sickening the way they lied and cheated on me. I admit I can act very bitch sometimes but I've always been honest and (unfortunately) I've put my trust in them. Now the singer who left before they found me is back in the band. I can't say nothing about her as a singer because she's very good, and I don't know her in person. But the few things I know make me think she's perfect for them because they all are people living a life based on shameful lies, for this they'll surely get along. I won't say anything more because they are acting really cheap threatening me and my friends. All of this because I told some uncomfortable truth about them and this is giving them some problems.
Now it's time for me to find new good musicians that are good people too. I'm not necessarily looking for friends, but I want them to be respectable and trustworthy as I am.

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