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21st Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig 2012 - Day 3

At depeche mode party
I didn't forget to write about the rest of my travel to the WGT, I've just been busy with my birthday and some job interviews in the past days. Here we are! On day 3 I decided to experiment my absolutely-not-complete newbie steampunk outfit. Since my camera is huge and I just wanted all my stuff to stay in my pockets without bringing my bag with me (and since I didn't want to bother the others to bring it for me) I left it at the hotel and I can show you only the pictures the others took. We woke up late and we all went back to Sixtina and XtraX for some shopping with the ones who weren't with us the day before, then the group splitted again and I went to Werk II to see Nachtmahr in concert but again I had to listen from outside, this time because it was too hot inside and there was no place to sit (I really needed to sit for a while since I walked on heels all day long) and when I was ready to go back inside, the doors were closed. :( Well at least I succeeded in eating some vegetables that night instead of all the junk food we had to eat all the time! :P After Werk II the group reunited in a club at a Depeche Mode party to celebrate Charlotte's birthday, but we didn't stay long since we wanted to go to Moritzbastei. I didn't realize how big it was at the beginning, because I stopped on the first dancefloor, but when I had to look for the others I explored the whole place and it is really amazing. There's a very similar place in my city but it's not that big and it's not a place for goths...
 We saw two men in amazing, huge steampunk armours and everybody wanted to take pictures to them. They looked very pissed off for this.... I bet being asking for pictures 24hours can be a bit bothering, But if you wear something like that it's because you like to focus attention on yourself, so pose for my picture and shut up! :P At Moritzbastei me and my mates spent hours chitchatting and of course gossipping about people we meet in clubs. Gosh, I think I was evil before I heard them buzzing! O.O I hope they don't say such evil things about me when I'm not with them! 

Half of us including me went back to the hotel at dawn, the others stayed out till late in the morning. Here are my make up and outfit. I like steampunk style very much, but almost all the ladies in steampunk outfits I saw there were a mash between victorian and steampunk, with blouses, long skirts and little hats. I'm more into an outfit that could be comfortable and suitable for a time traveller, with shorts and a tool belt. I'm still working on it and currently I'm waiting for the leather corset I ordered for my birthday.
my make up

Kinki +beer+me

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  1. I loved her outfit and make up, you righted in the choice XD One day i will go to the wave gothic treffen too XD I love Steampunk and i organize meets at Rio de Janeiro, we are the first group that took initiative for organize Steampunk meets from here !!! I'm very happy to find more people that love too the Steampunk!!