lunedì 16 aprile 2012

I'm a Slytherin!

Yesterday I entered Pottermore and the Sorting Hat put me in Slytherin! Yay! It was exactly what I wanted to be! My second choice would have been Ravenclaw... Ravens are so cute! But I knew I was a Slytherin! A friend of mine was not satisfied of having been sorted in Huffelpuff (be honest, it is the house nobody claims for being in) so she registered again and was sorted in Slytherin... Meh... That's not fair... If I would have been a Huffelpuff I wouldn't have played at all... for a while. In the end I would have accepted it. But I'm a Slytherin and I haven't cheated for it! :3

If I were a HP character I would probably be Snape, because children are scared of me moahahah...

I had to celebrate, so I asked my friend Lilith to edit a picture of me and this is the result:

I totally love it! You can see her works and make your requests on her facebook page:

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