sabato 10 marzo 2012


I just arrived home from the contest and I'm a bit sad since I only won the 3rd place... That sucks, I worked so hard. But I only got myself to blame since the performance was not perfect at all, it was the first time I sang that song in front of a crowd, I sang the last note, wich was the most effective, very bad... I think that ruined the whole performance affecting the judges' opinion... At least a lot of strangers came up to me to congrats and tell me they thought I should have been the winner. Probably I'll have an audition for the italian X Factor in the next months, but that's not sure, I don't like those kind of shows too much, I would do that only to gain a bit of visibility and maybe know some influent people. Here's a sneak peek of the outfit I had tonight, I think it's beautiful and i look cute in it even if I stopped losing weight a couple of months ago :/ I keep on controlling what I eat as always but that's not enough to lose weight anymore, I DO need time to do some work out, and it's quite hard to find it when you work 10 hours per day.
And these are... My shoes! (They are just a bunch of sketches made in a rush in a very low light...)

I'm too tired to uplad the video of my performance now, I'll do it tomorrow! Sorry! :) Good night and sweet dreams! (It's 4.44 a.m here!)

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