sabato 18 febbraio 2012

Carnival in Venice 2012

Hey! I was in Venice for the Carnival today! It's been such a great day, except for the moment when me and my boyfriend stopped at a clothing stand because I wanted to buy a neck frill and cuffs in the 17th century style for him. He was kissing me to thank me for that when the lady there rudely sent us kissing out of there, I told her we were there to buy something but in her opinion we were there just to occupy the space for other customers . She has been very rude and basically an old bigot arsehole, so we went away without my present for him. :( Old frigid bastard. Grrrrrrr >:[
But, despite of this I had a nice time :3 Oh right, I have a boyfriend now :) We got together only 8 days ago, eventhought we have been knowing each other for years. But I don't like to talk about these things here so it's enough to know that I'm very happy and relaxed now. :3
I think I looked pretty good today and was very proud of my lovely outfit, but one of my friends stole the show dressing up like Frank, the rabbit from Donnie Darko. We had to stop every 5 seconds because all the tourists wanted to take a picture with him, such a shame he didn't ask for tips! Hahaha. I was a bit jealous althought I had my time of fame some years ago when I dressed up like Samara from the Ring, but today I had my bunch of requests for pictures too. Here's some pictures from the day:

my outfit and make up

the long hair in the straightjacket is my love <3

the troop

the parents I'd like to change mine with - awesome *-*

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  1. I like the her outfit, you are so beautiful^^