giovedì 4 agosto 2011

New random pictures and facebook page

Today I took lots of random pictures and some cute sequences I'm gonna turn into gif as soon as I feel like it. I uploaded this and other nice ones on my brand new Facebook page. Some of my friends say creating a fanpage on Facebook when you are nobody is for losers who beg for attention and I agree in part, so I'm not gonna bother anyone to press the "like" button: I just did it because my bandmates think I should not show much of my private life on the internet with too personal status, silly pictures and posts (as I usually do) as long as among my friends list are not only people I know in person from a while. So I decided to split the private and public. I'm not gonna accept any more friend request on my personal profile unless I've been knowing the person in real life for a reasonably long time and also start asking the stranger ones to move (if they want... But if not I'll have to delete them anyway) from my personal profile to my public page. I went for the page not for "fans collecting" but simply because I can go from profile to page waaaay quicker without continuously logging in and out (that is actually extremely annoying). I hope you won't think I'm a loser begging for attention... ç___ç

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  1. I like your eyebrows
    ..sorry, I don't understand English very well -.-'
    but I love your images! <3